The flooding was more severe than anticipated.

The flooding was more severe than anticipated.

Two days ago, when the report about the submerged Urus was written, the extent of the damage was not fully known. Here we see another car stranded in a desert environment.

Initially, it seemed like there had just been some rain and some areas where the water couldn't drain properly. Three days later, we obviously know more. You probably do too, as the media was flooded with images of a submerged Dubai. It hasn't rained this heavily in over 75 years. All the streets were flooded, even the airport couldn't be operational. It was inevitable that some of the sports cars parked in lower garages would also get flooded. It's a somewhat sad sight. Let's hope there won't be more of such scenes, because depending on how severe and high the water stood, the car could be completely ruined. Here we see an Aventador SVJ that we haven't seen before. It's an ugly mix of desert sand and water, with debris floating around. Now, we're left wondering what that plastic bin on the back of the car is doing there...

The flooding was more severe than anticipated.Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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