The Mistral is being diligently tested

The Mistral is being diligently tested

Today is the day, the new Bugatti V16 Tourbillon is being presented today. Later, a report on the new Chiron successor will follow. Here, however, we still see the very last W16 which is just before the delivery phase.

The W16 Mistral was introduced a year ago and is supposed to be the very last Bugatti equipped with a W16. Unlike the Veyron, there has never been an open version of the Chiron over the years, which the Mistral is set to change. Only 99 units were to be produced worldwide, all of which sold out within a few days of the presentation. Now the Mistral is very close to the very first deliveries and only the very last tests are being carried out. Here we see a test model spotted in Granada, southern Spain. Let’s look forward to the first customer vehicles!

The Mistral is being diligently testedClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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