The Monaco high season has officially started

The Monaco high season has officially started

In Monaco, there are always supercars and hypercars on the streets. However, there is a season when an even greater number of hypercars and supercars are around. This time is between May and July.

There are various reasons why there are more than usual during this period. On one hand, summer has just begun, and everyone wants to drive around in their million-dollar treasures. The second reason is events like the Formula 1 race in Monaco and Top Marques, which also just took place. Additionally, people from Arab countries escape from their hot homelands.

Here, for example, we see a Daytona SP3, which comes from the only neighboring country of Monaco. There are always quite a few French people in Monaco because, depending on the location, it's not far for them. What is particularly special about this SP3 is the paint job. Even at night, you can clearly see that it is a dark green model. In fact, this is already the third green model. The first one we saw was a light green model in Dresden, Germany, then several times the Petronian Wolf SP3 from Zurich, and now this dream model.

The Monaco high season has officially startedClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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