The Monza Hide and Seek

The Monza Hide and Seek

While we've seen dozens of Monzas from Europe, this is only the third one coming from the USA. Interestingly, there are quite a few Monzas in the United States. One wonders where they all hide.

It's truly surprising that out of the more than a hundred Monzas delivered to America, we've only seen three so far. One cannot claim that this vehicle is less popular or less frequently seen on the roads in the United States compared to Europe or Asia. If you check social media, you can discover a multitude of Monzas in the USA. However, they seem to find their way to our website only hesitantly.
But US is not the only place where Monzas are playing hide and seek. In fact, there are some in Dubai as well. While there are significantly fewer Monzas than in the USA, we have so far spotted only one in Dubai itself. Most of them have been seen in Europe, especially in Monaco.

In Monaco, for example, we have already seen twelve different Monzas, whereas in the UK there were only three. In Germany, on the other hand, there were nine different ones, the same number as in France. All other countries are hardly worth mentioning.
Considering the actual number of Monzas and their distribution to different countries, one wonders why people don't drive around more frequently with this fantastic vehicle.

The Monza Hide and SeekClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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