The new Ferrari F12berlinetta configurator

The new Ferrari F12berlinetta configurator

Everyone can enjoy themselves with the configuration their dream car. You look for these configurators when you’re bored or when you really have the intention to buy this car. Next to that it is just fun to look at all the possible options. We have a new car configurator for you. The Ferrari F12berlinetta, this supercar with 740 bhp has its own configurator from now on.

A nice colour for the exterior, contrasting calipers. Everything is possible with this car that sprints to 100 km/h in only 3.1 seconds. We are curious how you would choose your car. Leave a reaction with your own creation!

The new Ferrari F12berlinetta configurator

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    BELGIUM Kickass  -  2012-05-05 at 11:16

    That yellow is just perfect.

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    BELGIUM Tom Da Man  -  2012-05-05 at 11:31

    I suppose there are other colour combinations for the standard interior than brown/black and blue/black (the only colours on the configurator...). Otherwise, it would be a bit limited, although I do like these colours...

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  4. This is not ok

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