The perfect 911?

The perfect 911?

We have seen countless breathtaking 911s in all variations, colors, and specifications. Here we see a particularly beautiful specimen, which raises the question of whether it may be considered perfect.

For Porsche fans, the 911 is naturally at the top of all Porsches. If it should retain its original form and not be compromised by a spoiler, then the 911 Touring is usually the best choice. It's a GT3 from which the spoiler has been removed. While the GT3 Touring of the 991 MkII series sold very well, the 992 GT3 Touring broke sales records.

This specimen, spotted in Zuffenhausen, is particularly beautiful; its stunning paintwork catches the eye immediately. The gorgeous PTS color is perfectly complemented by the silver wheels. But what about the interior? Wouldn't there be some potential for improvement? It seems the interior is rather dull, kept in blacks and grays. If this GT3 Touring had a lighter interior, it would probably be unbeatable. Colored leather or at least some embellished details would be enough to make this car even more unique.

The perfect 911?Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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