The unique BMW Z1

The unique BMW Z1

Hated by many, loved by many. Opinions are divided when it comes to this unique BMW, and this has been the case not only since yesterday but since the beginning of this era. The Z1 was a milestone in BMW's history and marked the start of the popular Z series by BMW.

This vehicle was particularly unpopular for its extremely unconventional and highly modern design at that time. Especially the integrated design elements such as the downward retracting doors caused headaches for many, but also incredible joy. Because anyone who owned this car knew that it was the only vehicle on the entire market where this technology was applied.
The BMW Z1 was first sold in 1989 and then manufactured until 1991, being part of the BMW "Z series", which stands for roadsters and coupés. The body of the Z1 is made of plastic and was one of the first production vehicles to extensively use these materials. This allowed BMW to reduce the weight of the vehicle while maintaining structural integrity. Additionally, the Z1 was the smallest of all Z series vehicles.
The Z1 was powered by a 2.5 liter in line six cylinder engine producing approximately 170 horsepower (125 kW). This power enabled the Z1 to reach a top speed of about 225 km/h.

The Z1 was praised for its outstanding driving characteristics and sportiness. Thanks to its light weight and sophisticated suspension tuning, it offered precise and dynamic driving dynamics that impressed both on the highway and on twisty country roads.
During its production time, only about 8,000 units of the Z1 were produced, making it a relatively rare and coveted collector's item. Today, they only occasionally surface. Although the Z1 never received a direct successor, it laid the groundwork for further models in the BMW Z series, such as the Z3 and the Z4.

This breathtaking specimen was discovered in a beautiful green shade in Enkhuizen, Netherlands.
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