These are the specifications of the Bugatti Chiron

These are the specifications of the Bugatti Chiron

The moment of introduction is approaching and of course this will take place at the Geneva Motor Show. That's the place where Bugatti will unveil their Chiron. The Chiron is rousing our emotions and with the Vision GT on the IAA in Frankfurt they already showed us a herald of the Chiron. At this moment, a preview takes place at the St Regis hotel in Dubai. We already know the first specifications of the Chiron. The car sprints to 300 kph within fifteen seconds!

That's fast, very fast! The sprint from zero to 100 kph takes only 2.3 second in perfect conditions. The W16 is still powering the car and now produces 1.500 hp and 1.500 Nm of torque between 1800 and 6800 rpm. This all is attache to a seven speed DSG gearbox. The speedometer shows the magical limit of 500 kph! The Chiron promises to be a really fast monster. To produce so much power the Chiron needs a lot of cooling. Bugatti placed up to 15 water coolers in the car to make sure that the W16 keeps on performing. When you're interested in the Chiron you will need to be fast. Bugatti limits the production to 500 copies of which 120 copies are already sold.

At the front of the car we find 20 inch wheels and at the back the wheels have a size of 21 inch with Michelin Pilot Sport PAX tires. Behind these wheels we see brake discs of 420 millimeters and 400 millimeters wide. That doesn't reall surprise us because this car needs a lot of power to be stopped. At the front we see four LED lights on both sides of the car. At the back we see a long and big line of LED which will burn continuously when the car is turned on.

So far the first details of the Bugatti Chiron. When we get more information about this car you will be the first to read it here on Autogespot!

Dit zijn de specificaties van de Bugatti Chiron!

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