This 488 Pista is the proud bearer of the tricolore

This 488 Pista is the proud bearer of the tricolore

The Italian flag and Ferrari are forever intertwined, no surprise when Ferrari offers the option to add the green, white and red to your car to show honor to the land of Pizza, Pasta, amazing wines and fast cars!

Even after all these years Ferrari still manages to add that little bit of magic to every car they make. Every car is a success and the production numbers have been rising year after year. Although this year might have a bit of a dent in the production numbers due to the unforeseen closing down of the factory, Ferrari will undoubtly recover.
This Ferrari is specced in a way I really like. The grey paint on its own would not do the car justice but with the black wheels and the added stripes it does produce a very exciting spec!

Deze Ferrari 488 Pista draagt tricolore met trots

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