This Cullinan goes under next to its colleagues

This Cullinan goes under next to its colleagues

In a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, you generally feel like a king on the road. Almost nothing comes close to the luxury and size that this car offers. This Swiss company shows that even a Cullinan can appear small!

In Switzerland, car culture is very prominent. From modified cars to the most exclusive ones, you will find everything. The off-road culture also enjoys being in the Swiss Alps, as we can see in this location. The row of tall Land Rovers is accompanied by a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, which, with its length of 5.43 meters and height of 1.84 meters, is already a serious giant. Nevertheless, this size seems relatively small next to the group of British off-roaders, which look like they are about to brave the mountains in the background. The Cullinan will have to stay on the regular roads with its large (and extremely expensive) rims, which the owner probably has no issues with. The Rolls-Royce will always win the battle when it comes to comfort and true class.

Spotter caymangt4 managed to capture this remarkable combo in Schattdorf, making him the first to photograph the Rolls-Royce in a non-urban setting. The combination of the beautiful background and the other cars makes this spot special, even though we see the Cullinan daily on the website.

This Cullinan goes under next to its colleaguesClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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