This unicorn car is being used properly!

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  • 2020-03-02 10:50
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This unicorn car is being used properly!

Buying a very rare Pagani and letting it rot in the garage? This owner didn't even see that as a option. Not only is this car driven properly, its being driven in quite extreme conditions. You might have to be a bit mad but it sure makes for some great pictures!

The Pagani zonda Cinque is the road legal version of the Zonda R en was limited to just 5 (cinque) examples. Also 5 Cinque roadsters were produced later on. One of the Pagani dealers made a request to Pagani to make a limited zonda edition and they happily obliged.

We assume this is the same car that was spotted in Hong kong back in 2015 since the spec is quite unique. Only 2 examples have been spotted on this site however when searching the internet we find that out of the 5 cars 3 have the classic white/black configuration, 1 is orange and black and the last one is equipped with a bright green spec. No matter the spec this car will always be one of the most beautiful cars to come out of San Cesario Sul Panaro.

Whenever you are in the region you should definitely check out the museum and do the factory tour, when i did the factory tour i was lucky enough to see nog 1 but 2 of the cinque roasters, 1 of them is in the museum and the other was in the shop for an oil change.

As this car was originally delivered to hong kong it was right hand drive, this was later changed to the left hand drive configuration, also the transmission was changed from the 6 speed sequential gearbox to a 6 speed manual gearbox. I can't even begin to imagine how much these changes would have cost!! However i dont think money is in issue here when the collection of this owner also consists of the likes of:

Pagani zonda 760 (also with a manual)
Pagani Huayra Roadster
Pagani Imola, $5 million dollar car, please look up this car because if i start writing about this car i won't be able to stop.
And of course this amazing Pagani Cinque.

All together it must have been insane to see this car in the snow. And i can only wish i will on day spot my first of either the roadster or the coupe out and about in the wild.

Deze Pagani Zonda Cinque wordt goed gebruikt

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