Three Big Reasons the Mercedes S-Class 2021 is One to Watch Out For

Three Big Reasons the Mercedes S-Class 2021 is One to Watch Out For

When the brand Mercedes is mentioned in a conversation, ideas of luxury and upscale driving and riding experience immediately come to mind. Mercedes has been at the forefront of luxury car production for many years, so it’s not that surprising that it already has strong clout in consumers’ minds.

As early as 2019, the Mercedes S-Class 2021 has already been developed and routinely tested. Sightings have been reported every once in a while. And based on the data available now, this car is going to be a major hit. Here are the three major reasons for that.

It looks great, imposing even
Poised to be the brand’s flagship offer during the model year, the Mercedes S Class for 2021 is understandably shrouded in mystery. While it’s being tested on public roads in Germany, the car is heavily camouflaged and some of its new features are even made obscure. But even with all this, those who see it traversing the road cannot deny its imposing presence. This car is expected to have personality, and we couldn’t be more excited.

If they really want it to be a surprise, why can’t they just test in their labs or secluded compounds? Doing this is also OK, but the real measure of a car is its utility on actual roads. Testing in labs creates artificial environments that can differ greatly from real-life scenarios.

Aside from making sure that the car’s top-tier technologies work well, the engineers also need to make sure of the safety features that they’re going to add. After all, no one is exempt from the law. If a driver causes injury on the road, they will have to answer to the court, and they would want to be represented by at least one truck accident lawyer in Colorado, Manchester, or any other place the car is released for use.

Monitoring the car’s many automated features is made easy
The current S Class has two large screens on top of the dashboard. In between these screens is a flowing console with prominent air vents and physical controls. The to-be-released model appears to get rid of this setup and just has one vertically oriented screen. To the untrained eye, it looks like one big tablet mounted in the middle of the car, accessible of course to the driver.

Given this new setup, there is a reason to expect all controls to be conveniently consolidated in that place. Now, simple is indeed beautiful!

The new model will have level 3 autonomy
The current S-Class in the market is considered to have level 2 autonomy. This means that while the car’s systems take care of acceleration and steering, the driver still has to monitor most of the driving environment. This will change with the new model. Featuring level 3 autonomy, the car is definitely a high-functioning robot that requires very minimal human intervention.

The Mercedes S-Class is the brand's flagship offer that just gets better and better each year. The current model is already amazing, that’s for sure, but the upcoming 2021 model is poised to make jaws drop.

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