Tips for Efficient Shipping

Tips for Efficient Shipping

Freight shipping is one method of moving items and products both small and large and it can be the most cost-effective. This is even truer when the items you need to move are bulky and/or oversized, such as furniture and/or heavy equipment or even vehicles. Here is a quick look at a few tips regarding how to be successful at shipping freight.

Package Size
This might sound trivial, but it is actually important due to the fact that it assists with streamlining the whole process. The volume of space the item takes up, along with its weight, determines how much you’ll pay. Take a look at a freight class chart and you will be able to tell how much it will be to ship your product based on these items.

Shipping Vehicles
If you will be shipping a vehicle, either for a move or because you bought a classic or exotic car online, you should definitely begin by comparing costs. As it is with most service providers, when you use a transport service, you get what you pay for. If it turns out that you can get a good deal combined with good service, so much the better. Before you settle on any one company, check and then compare the prices for a few companies, check their reputations with online reviews and then use that to decide on the one that will suit your needs the best. Remember that getting quotes for shipping vehicles is something that is both easy and fast.

Of course, if you will be hauling a lot of autos it might behoove you to check out any semi trucks for sale. You never if owning or contracting will be the better option.
While you are getting quotes, you might want to go with anonymous ones. Most of the sites online that give quotes are meant to generate leads and will require you to give quite a bit of personal info before they give you quotes from a variety of companies. Try to avoid this when possible.

Combine with Other Shippers
Always keep in mind that wrong or inaccurate dimensions or measurements can lead to results such as delays that can be costly or require adjustments to the price. As is the case with accurate dimensions, reporting the weight is another critical aspect of keeping a shipment on schedule. Remember that nearly all carriers will use the weight their customers provide when they determine what other cargo they may be able to haul. The more volume and weight your cargo uses of the truck’s limits, the bigger the percentage of the trucker’s costs you will have to cover.

Believe it or not, shipping is an exact science sort of thing. Dimensions and weight need to be exact so that things move along smoothly and on schedule. You will also need to have that information to get a quote that is more accurate. By doing all you can to help the shipper, you will also be making sure that your shipment will get there on time and on budget.  

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