Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle

Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle

Whether you own a high-end luxury vehicle, a truck, an SUV or an older car, it's a mode of transportation that you rely on daily. It takes you to work, transports your children to games, and enables you to travel freely on the open road. That's why keeping your vehicle looking good, operational and protecting it from theft is important.

Constant exposure to the elements, dirt and debris can cause significant damage to your vehicle's exterior. While storing your car in a garage or using a car cover if you keep it outdoors can offer protection when it's parked, you're still exposing your ride while driving. Washing your vehicle often will prevent an accumulation of dirt, tree sap and road grime from eating away at the finish. Follow this up with a coat of wax to help preserve the color and prevent fading. Waxing also creates a clear film that lets dirt and debris slide off while also ensuring your vehicle stands out from the rest. When you wash your vehicle it's also important to cover all exterior areas including the tires and undercarriage.

Because of its proximity to the front windshield, your dashboard receives constant exposure to the sun's harmful rays. This can cause the dashboard to fade or even crack. Adding an interior sun shade minimizes the amount of light that filters in. If the damage is already present, you can purchase replacement dash covers pretty easily. Whether you have fabric, vinyl or leather seats they take a lot of abuse. Food, smoke, dirt and grime can cause unsightly stains and tears. To protect your seats and the resale value of your vehicle, adding seat covers and floor mats helps to minimize the amount of damage your vehicle's interior sustains. You can also buy add-ons to keep the vehicle clean such as cup holders, garbage containers, rubber cargo liners and organizers.

Regular Maintenance
Owning a vehicle requires regular maintenance. Important tasks like changing the oil, air filters and checking fluids are standard procedures on both new and older vehicles. Once your vehicle reaches a certain age or racks up the miles, the wear and tear begins to show signs on components such as the braking system and exhaust. Having access to a good mechanic can help to make the repair successful.
Anti-Theft Devices
Protecting your vehicle is not just about maintaining a good appearance. Protecting it also means that you prevent a would-be thief from taking it. There are common sense measures you can and should take to protect your vehicle including locking the doors, keeping it in a garage or only parking it in well lighted areas. You can also install anti-theft devices such as locks for the steering wheel and tires to prevent movement, a kill switch to prevent the vehicle from starting and a Lojack or another GPS tracking device to help find your vehicle sooner.
Your vehicle is something you can't do without. The good news is that if you take the steps to protect it inside and out you can hang onto it for many years.

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