Tips to Upgrade the Performance of Your Old Car

Tips to Upgrade the Performance of Your Old Car

No matter how well you maintain your car, its performance deteriorates with time. There are various reasons responsible for this slowdown in the production of a vehicle, but some of the most common ones are your day to day route of driving and the driving style that you follow.

However, despite any reason, if you perform few regular checks and keep a few tips in mind, you can rejuvenate the old parts of your car. Moreover, you can get back its performance. Here we are discussing some handy tips to improve the performance of your old car:

1. Car Service: Car servicing is one thing that is needed for all the vehicles after a specific interval. Your car's manufacturer generally decides certain intervals and getting services done in these stipulated intervals adds to the performance of your vehicle.
However, if your car is old enough, it is suggested to get car service done as per the recommendation of a car mechanic at a certified workshop. It is always good to go for interim service of your car at least in every six months.
It is because in car service almost all the parts of your car are checked and repaired or replaced as per the requirement, and hence you get a car with improved performance.

2. Change Car Oil: Oil and filter are the parts of your car’s engine and they affect the performance of your car significantly. If you find that the fuel efficiency of your car is decreasing day by day and your there is no service due, then opt for engine oil change. However, the frequency of oil change and filter replacement depends upon the specifications mentioned in your car manual.

3. Tire Check: Old tyres lose grip on the roads and reduce the overall performance of your car. Generally, the deterioration of the thread pattern of the tyres is also seen reducing the performance of the vehicle. 

If the tyres of your car have air pressure below the recommended level, the overall performance of the vehicle decreases. Therefore, get the tires of your car periodically checked in a workshop, try to maintain optimal tire pressure, and replace them if and when needed. We are suggesting this because the performance of your car is directly related to the condition of its tyres. And, you would surely not want your car’s performance affected merely because of that.

4. Install Cold Air Intake: The cold air intake usually includes aftermarket air filter to increase the surface of the filter. This improved surface enables more air to travel through it and that too at a higher volume. The cold air intake also works as a shield against heat to prevent heating up of the engine, as it travels through it. Doing this will noticeably improve the performance of your car.

5. Reprogram the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of Your Car: Engine Control Unit or ECU is one of the best things in modern cars. The ECU enables a car’s engine to run smoothly. The ECU does this by adjusting the air-fuel ratio in the car to keep things easy inside the engine regardless the density of the air and temperature.

Moreover, the ECU also generates warning on the dashboard of the vehicle for any ailing issues with the car's engine. You are required to reprogram the ECU of your car timely. For this, there are various programs available online, or you can contact the dealer of your car or go to a modern garage. Reprogramming car’s ECU improves its performance. If your car is not maintained properly, your car insurance claim may be rejected by the insurer. So, make sure you follow these manual check-ups or get your car checked in a workshop to keep it in a good condition.

6. Replace Spark Plugs: The spark plugs ignite the mixture of fuel and air electronically inside each cylinder of your car’s engine. But, the spark plugs of your car wear out or get ruined with the unfavorable road and its running conditions. Ailing spark plugs have comparatively weaker ability to ignite the fuel-air mixture, which may result in misfiring inside the engine. Therefore, spark plugs must be replaced at regular intervals as a part of car maintenance so that you don’t encounter any issues with the engine of your car.

Wrapping it up!
You can get back the performance for your car by following the above-mentioned tips. So, what are you waiting for now? Keep all these points in mind and run your car smoothly on the roads. Moreover, no matter how old your car is, keeping these points in mind will for sure improve its performance.

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