Top 3 Ford Cars that you might want to check out

Top 3 Ford Cars that you might want to check out

Ford have been a go-to manufacturer for families and petrol heads alike for a long time now, but complacency is not something they do. Their 2020 models show that they’re excelling once again. If you’ve owned a Ford before but want a change of model or if you’re a newbie that’s had your head turned during the marketing campaign they did on NFL matchups, then spare five minutes and read our quick guide to the motors you shouldn’t miss.

Okay, so there haven’t been huge changes made to the Fusion for 2020 but it’s a quality motor with a lot of appeal. Rumour had it that the Fusion was due to be discontinued but Ford have confirmed it will be about for a few years yet.
The sleek body, trimmed sides and front grill gives an appeal to the progressive mind and will attract attention from business users whilst the safety features, which are second to none, will place the Fusion at the forefront of the family car market but underneath all that the engine still offers 325 break horsepower to keep the driving experience an enjoyable one.
Say goodbye to the dinosaur and hello to the new boy of SUVs. Back in the early 1990s the Ford Explorer was best known as the boxy motor in the Jurassic Park movie but the 2020 version is a world away from that.
Ford have maintained critical aspects like the ability to tow near on three tons but have gone all out to revamp the interior. The ‘blueprints' have been altered to make the most of the area giving more usable space inside whilst the latest mod-cons, such as the standout dashboard tablet, haven’t been overlooked as Ford aim to push their SUV into the premium market.
They have been reasonably subtle with the exterior, but it’s proved effective; it’s clearly still an Explorer but the extended wheelbase takes away unnecessary ‘ugly' overhang whilst the roof and sides have seen a nip and tuck to make it more attractive for everyday use. The Explorer has a range of models offering up to a 400bhp, but the 318-horsepower hybrid is likely to catch the attention of a fair few.
Ford were behind the original pony car, the Mustang, and the motor still doesn’t disappoint today. Any new Mustang you pick up will give you a thrill as well as being easy on the eye, but Ford really excelled themselves in 2019 with the special edition Bullitt model.
Back in the sixties it was Frank Bullitt, or Steve McQueen, who propelled the Mustang to new levels of fame and latest version would not look out of place in its own Hollywood car chase. On the outside, old school tastes meet with modern twists, where a near badgeless body is complimented with chrome trim.

To make matters more exciting the Bullitt comes with a movie matching green paint job – although a black version is also available – and Ford have announced the edition has been extended for 2020. Inside you’ll find Recaro seats trimmed with green stitching, an 8-ball gear stick and a number of tech options including satellite navigation, top of the range sound system and driver memory to name a few – that’s something the sixties version didn’t have! If that’s not enough then under the hood, you’ll find over 450 break and a set up capable of topping out at 163mph.
There you have it, three motors available from Ford. They’re all very different and each will offer at least something that appeals to everyone and whilst Ford have upped their game on the aesthetics to another level, which is targeted at capturing a higher demographic, they’ve left no stone unturned on the stuff that really matters either meaning you won’t be disappointed.

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