Top 5 Mechanical Failures That Cause Car Accidents

Top 5 Mechanical Failures That Cause Car Accidents

Car accidents seem to be an unavoidable part of life. Every day hundreds of accidents happen in cities and towns nationwide. And the reason they do is as varied as there are car makes and models. When people get behind the wheel, they can easily become distracted with their devices, and make take their eyes off the road because they are chatting with their passengers. Road conditions, weather, poor visibility, and being tired, also contribute to the high number of accidents. Many of these factors are under the control of the driver and many others are not.

Another set of issues that trigger car accidents are mechanical failures. Although nowadays vehicles are manufactured according to safety standards established by experts, there are still some mechanical faults that are known to cause car accidents.

What Are The Top Five Mechanical Failures That Cause Accidents?
Problems with tires
In this case, there are two major issues that contribute to accidents:
Tire punctures – You can experience a tire blowout because your tires are under-inflated or over-inflated, but also because you drive over debris on the road.
Worn tires – When tires get old and start losing their thread, they are more likely to slip, they need more distance to brake, and they tend not to respond as well as they should.
You can take action to prevent accidents by replacing your tires, regular alignments and maintaining optimal pressure.

Brake-related issues
These are some of the factors that contribute to brake-related accidents:
Worn brake pads and discs – If this happens, it becomes harder for you to stop the vehicle, increasing the possibility of a crash.
Malfunctions with ABS system – If the Antilock Brake System is not working properly, wheels may lock when you hit the brakes.
Worn and faulty brake lines – If this happens, fluid may leak, compromising the performance of the brakes.

Worn Out Windshield Wipers
You may think that something as small as a windshield wiper couldn’t possibly play a role in a car accident, and you’d be wrong. Having clear visibility is key to driving safely. And if your wipers are old and leave streaks on your windows the sudden loss of visibility could be distracting enough to cause a crash.

Headlights and taillights not only increase visibility but make it easier for the drivers around you to see you. Turn signal lights should also work to alert other drivers of your intention to switch lanes.

This is a broad term that encompasses steering, suspension, transmission, and engine-related issues. Although placing blame on these problems when a car accident occurs is much more difficult to pinpoint after the crash, steering and suspension problems can be responsible for loss of control, while transmission and engine problems might prevent you from being able to accelerate when the need arises.
If your car is due for an inspection, don’t put it off. If any issues are discovered, make sure to have them fixed right away.

Protect yourself from a potential accident by keeping up with your car’s maintenance and use caution every time you drive. However, accidents can still happen to the best drivers in the most well-maintained cars. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, click here to find an experienced auto accident attorney to help you as soon as possible.

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