Top 7 Exclusive Cars for Students

Top 7 Exclusive Cars for Students

As the New Year is quickly approaching, you might have already made resolutions to remain faithful to throughout 2020. If some of them include getting your own car and becoming fully independent, this is definitely the right page for you. There’s nothing that can bring you as much comfort and flexibility as driving your own vehicle. So, big car planners, here are the most exclusive cars students could ever ask for. Check them out and let us know which one speaks out to you the most.

Kia Rio
This car has a 7-year warranty and the Ecuadorian 2013 model offers AC, Bluetooth with music streaming, radio displays plus USB, all the necessary airbags to keep safe, Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), bi-function projection headlights LED, electric windows (front), and remote central door locking. The prices start anywhere around $14,000 for a brand-new one and $4,000 for a used one. Make sure you check the mileage if you go with the second option.

Fiat 500
This Italian icon comes in Bossa Nova White color and offers a panoramic roof, 16’’ white painted alloy wheels, red/white/red all around liner, seats in Frau leather and wicker-like central, as well as a dashboard in nautical wood. It is one of the most exclusive cars for young students because it is quite small (so easily driven) and stable (so safe and sound). It is also a perfect choice for winter!

Audi A1
This sports vehicle is recommended for any student passionate about cars and cool driving! The front features a low-placed Single frame grille. Audi A1 also offers optional full-LED lights also known as hydrofoils. The sporty appearance makes it stand out from any crowd. “The interior is spacious and super comfortable, featuring digital diversity (extensive functionality displays and animated navigation maps), as well as ground clearance and higher seating position, at least to someone who provides dissertation writing services and knows little to nothing about cars.”

Mini Cooper
These exclusive car mini features include power steering, power windows in the front, AC, driver & passenger airbags, fog lights, and alloy wheels. Ranking second in U.S. News, Subcompact category, this vehicle has a stylish cabin, agile handling, and potent engine options. On the downside, it should be mentioned that it has cramped back seats and a small trunk. If you are in need of road grip, form suspensive, and premium cabin materials, here is the right car for you. The Mini Cooper is also fuel-efficient and has a comfortable high-quality interior at a reasonable price.

Ford Fiesta
The new Ford Fiesta 2019 is one of students’ top choices because it is fun driving, uses agile handling, and offers user-friendly technology. However, it has cramped rear seats, a small cargo space, and a below-average predicted reliability rating on U.S. Best News, Cars section. Even this car is highly recommended for students because of its outstanding features, some reviews are stating that this car is not as safe to drive as others might be; so, you’ll want to consider that before buying. In any case, the car’s performance is impressive looking at its price, making it a fuel-efficient catch. If you don’t want to spend extra money on the newest model, you could look into the older models (see 2010), as there are not may new outstanding features that have changed.

Toyota Yaris
Another exclusive car for student efficient driving, Toyota Yaris 2016 has user-friendly features and offers reliability. It has a comfy and stylish interior, as well as roomy seating space yet a weak passing power and limited cargo room. If you have a tight budget, this might be one of your least expensive options, since it offers such respectable fuel economy and, together with that, a rather surprisingly pleasant ride. The prices vary between $8,500 and $14,000 for a used Yaris, while the average price of this car is no more than $11,000. Make sure you check the car’s condition, features, and mileage before buying it. Since choosing cars is so intriguing, it can be used as one of the debate topics for middle schoolers. Okay, wrong joke. Not funny. Moving on.

Volkswagen Golf
One of the top compact cars according to U.S. Car Rankings, the 2015 Volkswagen Gold is a catch. It features nimble handling, a large cargo area, as well as an elegant interior. From a performance perspective, it is one of the most engaging cars you could expect, especially when it comes to steering and solid suspension. The 2015 model has a refined cabin and enough space in both rows. Not only is this car fun to drive, but it is also practical. Prices can start as low as $10,000 and go as high as $25,000. Don’t forget to check for fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and mileage if you won’t buy a new one.

When choosing a car, make sure you take into consideration all the important factors. Some people are not true connoisseurs and can get easily tricked (especially if there’s no official car entity involved), so take someone with you if you are unable to figure it out alone. Check all the necessary components before buying. Congratulations and good luck!

Connie Elser is a writer and freelance specialist. She is passionate about the car industry and writes for automobile journal magazines. Connie’s vehicle business idea generated thousands of dollars in 2014.

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    Stanley E. Johnston  -  2020-02-25 at 08:09

    This blog represent seven different car that have beautiful structure and comfortable seats and many more which I can visit to manage my academic work. New year is coming so that is the new adventures on this year for students to enjoy.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA edmondlundquist  -  2020-03-24 at 09:58

    excellent selection of cars for students! they are all good and not expensive. from this list, I would prefer Toyota. Toyota never breaks. Toyota creators are professionals in their field, as well as writers on the
    . if you need perfect writing, they will do it quickly and easily!

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