Top Facts About Supercars You Didn’t Know Existed

Top Facts About Supercars You Didn’t Know Existed

The supremacy battle for the best supercar is rarely fought on the racetracks. It’s fought in the production lines. This is where engineers come up with unbelievable technologies all aimed at winning this battle. 
Apart from these engineering and racetrack supremacy wars, the big spenders also love to own such machines and add them to their collections. Speaking of racetracks, Racepool99 offers you a unique opportunity to experience a stinging adrenaline rush.
Since all stables have different technologies, there’s more to explore in every supercar.

1. The Ferrari 488 GTB

Introduced in 2016 after the 458 Italia, the Ferrari 488 GTB bears more goodies. First off, is the upgraded tech and mind-blowing power. Here are the details:

• Pieced together with the powerful V8 engine are two turbos. With these two powerful beasts, this car boats of 100 more in horsepower than the 458.

• Apart from the fact that the aerodynamics designs are all from Formula One, the 488 has more downforce and drag. The former being 50 percent more.

2. The Lamborghini LP610-4 Huracan

This version of the Lamborghini provides a worthy opponent on a track compared to its predecessors which were a threat only on a straight line. This is why it’s a threat on the track:

• This supercar has a Dual Clutch Transmission. This is a big deal first because it’s the first Lambo to receive this upgrade. Second, because you need this technology when fighting for supremacy with other supercars which are on level 3 of DCT
• The dampers on the Huracan are controlled by magnetic technology. This means you get a change in feel in less than a second. In addition, as a driver, you get more confident when applying more power.

3. The Nissan GT-R

At first glance, you might think Nissan is another random car. You’re mistaken. The guys at Nissan have outdone themselves when everyone else thought there was no room for improvements. 
Here’s what the engineers at Nissan came up with:

• For a four-seater production car, the GT-R still holds on to the Guinness World Record for a 0 to 60 acceleration. How about that!

• Did you know this car’s engine is hand built? Well, now you know. In fact, at end of the line, every engine receives a plaque to show that it was assembled and inspected by one person. Talk about a personal attachment with a car.

4. The Porsche GT3

If you need a beast on the track, the 911 GT3 is your perfect weapon. This supercar might be small in size, but for sure big things do come in small packages. Did you even think of a 6-cylinder engine under that hood?

• Its unrivaled track supremacy comes from the PDK gearbox which lets you shift between gears in 100th of a second. This means you’re on to the next gear as fast as you blink.

• On top of that is the Rear-Axle Steering which allows the driver to make tight turns at low speeds while also allowing easy wide turns.


There you have it. Top facts about supercars you didn’t know existed. The facts don’t stop with these cars. There’re numerous other jaw-dropping facts, but the ones in this article make the headlines. 

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