Top seven features to look out for in the latest luxury cars

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Top seven features to look out for in the latest luxury cars

Over the years, we have seen ultra-luxurious car brands such as Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Bentley, to mention a few, really put in the work to produce some amazing supercars.

Each model that is released comes with new and astonishing features that are innovative in design and purpose.

If you are looking to purchase a brand new luxury car, you would need to verify with the dealer, to check the specifications and know if the model comes with these features. But if it is an already registered car, you could do this easily via an online car check.

Below are some of the top luxury car features to look out for:

High grade Anti-Theft System
Luxury cars are a constant target for thieves and needless to say that car theft is an expensive loss. To secure their customers, many luxury cars now come with high-level in-built security systems.

This usually comes in the form of an engine immobilizer in the threat of theft coupled with an alarm system that is near impossible to disarm.

Hood ornaments like the Rolls-Royce spirit of ecstasy are also protected by this system, with the ornament automatically retracting from reach when it is pulled at.
Gesture Controls
Some of the new luxury cars come with this very cool gesture control feature. It allows the user to operate some car functions just by simulation without having to actually touch the car.

You can open and close doors, slide sunroofs, turn up the volume of the radio, switch on the heat, and more just by waving a hand or pointing a finger. This technology operates based on advanced-level motion sensors and 3D cameras.

Many new models of BMWs and the Mercedes Benz S-Class series have this feature.
Virtual side mirrors
Virtual mirrors are becoming very popular in many models of supercars today in place of conventional wing cameras.

They operate by having wing cameras in the place of the traditional mirrors, the cameras record what is happening on the road and transmit the images onto an OLED screen inside the car. These virtual mirrors also have the additional feature of being able to detect and alarm you if a vehicle is in your blind spot.

The Audi e-Tron and the new Honda e are some of the cars with virtual side mirrors. Its use has not been approved in all countries so far.
Extract mode feature
The extract mode is a key feature of the Hummer EV. It allows the suspension height of the heavy car to be raised by 6-inches.

This is particularly useful when navigating off-road sites and rough terrains. This model also comes with rear-axle steering that allows the four tires to turn diagonally up to 10 degrees in either direction. It allows for sharper and smoother turns that enable the car to evade obstacles.

Although the Hummer is typically a muscle car, some luxury cars come with a similar E-active body control system, which is an intelligent suspension system that enables the car to be suspended in case of a crash threat.
Rotating dashboard
The rotating dashboard is a state-of-the-art, James Bond-type reinvention and engineering of the dashboard by the Bentley brand. It sees the dashboard rotating to give different views just by pressing a button.

It has more than 150 individual components with over 40 moving parts, all under the control of a supercomputer. Despite its expensive cost, most of Bentley's customers opt for this feature and the reason is not exactly far-fetched.
Artificial intelligence Infotainment system
Infotainment systems have become a mainstay in the design of modern cars, and now with the rapid development of Artificial intelligence (AI), it has gotten even better and more sophisticated.

Several luxury cars now come with personalized and customizable infotainment systems that can give you the weather report, keep you up to date with your schedule, play your favorite podcasts, and much more.

They are literally like smartphones on wheels with an interactive and engaging interface that can make it seem like you have a friend or personal assistant with you on the drive.
Automated parking
This feature stems from the hands-free and assistant driving system present in supercars. It allows the driver to hands off the steering wheel and let the advanced parking system help with the parking.

Whenever there isn't enough room in the parking lot for the driver to get into the driver's seat due to a car parked right beside, using the car automated app, the car can be remotely controlled out into the open space where the driver can then get into the car easily.

Such an RC (Remote Control) drive system can be found in some new Volkswagen models and the 2022 Hyundai Tucson.

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