Top Spot: Aston Martin V8 Shooting Brake

Top Spot: Aston Martin V8 Shooting Brake

The Shooting Brake is not new for Aston Martin. With the arrival of the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake, it will be the second shooting brake by the Britsh brand. The 1996 Aston Martin V8 Sportsman Estate Car, one of only three created, originally converted to its shooting brake format at Aston Martin Works. The rather unique and bespoke Aston Martin exchanged hands in 2017 for an incredible $425,000 (£337,500).

Unieke spot: Aston Martin V8 Shooting Brake
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    DannyZDR  -  2018-12-20 at 10:30

    Not second SB, there were DB5's DB6's and one DBS SB . So on the Virage Zagato and Rapide Shooting Brake. You have to learn the ropes a little bit more :)

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