Top Spot: Bugatti Chiron in Beverly Hills

Top Spot: Bugatti Chiron in Beverly Hills

Spotter cologone_cars recently travelled to the United States of America, and while spotting in Beverly Hills (CA) he came eye-to-eye with this amazing Bugatti Chiron. The color on the Chiron is striking, and the all carbon fiber body is just fascinating to see. Each Chiron is one of a kind; an exquisite masterpiece of breathtaking power and beauty.

To build each customer’s unique work of art, Bugatti designers collaborate closely with the owner to create a car that fits their personality, while matching the brand’s captivating legend status and ardent commitment to utmost quality. There are virtually no limits to the levels of personalization that can be achieved.

A vast selection of color and material combinations is available, from the finest hand-picked leather to precious metals. Individual engravings or embroidery add the personalized finishing touch, making every Chiron as unique as its owner.

Bugatti Chiron leukt Beverly Hills op

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