Top Spot: Pagani Huayra Roadster 'Yellow Bird'

Top Spot: Pagani Huayra Roadster 'Yellow Bird'

We just announced Spot the Year and once again we have a possible contender for next year's election. Yellow Bird is the "unofficial" name of this bright yellow Pagani Huayra Roadster that Miller Motorcars (Greenwich, CT) delivered the day before. The car is owned by the Pagani collector "sparky1888". Spotter Rivitography has the opportunity to spot his second Roadster, "The Joker", that was picked up on the same day.

The Roadster was introduced during the Monterey Car Week, at Pebble Beach, this past August. Entirely hand-built in the Atelier of San Cesario Sul Panaro, this car represents a fine example of extreme tailoring around the clients’ desires. Inspired by the elegance of the White Gyrfalcon, the largest falcon of its species, able to cover very long distances during its flights, the car recalls many of the features of this polymorphic bird. The archetypal colours of its plumage dominate the livery of the carbon fibre panels: Bianco Benny White and Blu Danubio Blue are the dominant colours, together with accents of bright yellow. The spectrum is completed with the special painting design of the front bonnet that recalls the bird’s very special beak. Other unique details of the upholstery have been extremely customized: a symbol of a Gyrfalcon is embroidered into the headrests, luggage, and doors and a dedicated plaque inside the car bears the inscription “Gyrfalcon”.

This car reflects the factory commitment to care even the most minute of details, crafting each one to perfection in order to cater our customers’ needs and taste. The shifter knob has been redesigned specifically to house a special gold Gyrfalcon coin.

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