Top Spot: Stunning Ford GT in red finish

Top Spot: Stunning Ford GT in red finish

A couple weeks ago, spotters Cel, Vinnie and Sandros were exploring Dubai in the search of the sun, and some exotic cars. One of the most impressive spots of their visit was this red Ford GT. It is only the 4th Ford GT on our site and we really like the red finish on the GT. Interesting side story: the license place with the number "5" was auctioned of for 33 million dirham ($9 million), so we wonder what this owner had to pay for this number "6"?

The Ford GT will be in production for at least three years. So far the production has been sold out and if the popularity of Ford's supercar continues, Ford will decide later this year to add a 4th year. For now the total production numbers are unknown and we most certainly hope to see, and hear, more of the GT's on our site. The starting price in the US is $453,750 and by the time you've added the options the total price comes to a staggering half a million dollars, just north of the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the Lamborghini Aventador. But for all that money you get a little more exclusivity and technology that can be found in the other brands Hypercars.

Wow! Deze Ford GT is te gek

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