Top Tips for Effective Car Spotting

Top Tips for Effective Car Spotting

Car spotting is an activity in which you take high-quality photos of vehicles that are interesting, modified, rare, vintage, and visually appealing. In the age of social media, it’s not uncommon to share these photos online. Car spotters often travel to Europe, Dubai, and other parts of the world to find some of the best cars, but it’s a hobby anyone can take up. In fact, the more unlikely a place is to spot a one-of-a-kind car, the more rewarding the car spotting!

Most car spotters manage to take their photos with their smartphones. A general rule of thumb is the newer the phone the nicer the photos, but any late model device will get the job done. Just don’t forget to get a Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector if you’re planning on using an ultra-new phone; car spotting often requires quick action and it’s not uncommon to drop your device on the pavement when trying to score a nice photo of a sports car in motion.

Here are some tips for great car spotting with your smartphone camera so you can take your own high-quality images and share them with your friends. These tips are ideal for first-time car spotters or novices:

The first tip to car spotting is location. You're likely not going to find a luxury sports car in your neighborhood, but it could happen. London is one of the best places for car spotting. Since it's such a huge city, there are plenty of areas to find these cars. For example, Knightsbridge and Mayfair are perfect spots for first-time car spotters. They're small areas that are home to back roads, car parks, and secret roads where you can find some of the world's best vehicles.

If you're new to car spotting, then you should stick around Harrods of London and Sloane Street. You'll find a lot of car spotters and cars that aren't parked. You can also visit dealerships and find out the cars they're offering. Some other notable areas for car spotting include Audi, Ferrari, H.R. Owen, Jaguar, and Porsche.

The next tip is to have the best equipment. Some of the best car spotters have thousands of Instagram followers who have DSLR cameras and tripods. But that doesn't mean you have to purchase expensive gear. If you have a few digital cameras around, that's a great start. Don't spend your money on a high-quality camera since you can take high-quality images with any smartphone or camera. Car spotting with your smartphone camera is definitely possible.

Most car enthusiasts think they're great at car spotting since they spend most of their time editing their photos. You can start off with an old smartphone and a digital camera. Both of these are great tools to use at car events and car meets. Your basic photos will get as much attention as the high-quality images you see on social media. The great thing about basic photos is that they're not edited to the point where they look unrealistic.

Equipment doesn't have to cost a lot of money when you're starting out. The photos you take won't get as many “likes” in the beginning so take photos that you want to see and use that content to get noticed instead. Lastly, don't expect to see a car every few minutes. Since car spotting takes a lot of time, you'll get bored most of the time. There are even some car spotters who are snotty towards the newbies.

You should focus on yourself and enjoy what you're doing. You can even go car spotting with your friends and family if you prefer. Spending time with someone who shares the same interests can make the experience more enjoyable. You'll find out how much you have in common which will make the time fly. This is not to say that all car spotters are rude or snobby. You don't have to go car spotting with a large group of friends since you'll meet other car spotters that you'll soon follow them on social media and walk around to spot cars together. This can lead to more friendships and opportunities.

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    Love the article! For me spotting is all about relaxing, getting out of the house and exploring different neighborhoods. There is no need for someone to get snotty towards someone else, it's not a competitive sport and if you are looking at it as one then in my opinion you have the wrong attitude towards it. It is always cool to see all the different hot spotting cities all across the world!

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