Topspot: Bugatti Chiron in Miami Beach

Topspot: Bugatti Chiron in Miami Beach

The Chiron was spotted this week in Miami Beach, in the United States. Based on the license plate this is once again a factory owned car. When observing the US spec car, you will notice the two lumps of rubber on the back that, in our view, ruined the design. The critics are already skeptical about the design and this just adds another element to it. The color is striking on this Chiron and the exclusivity, performance and the heavy price tag of the car still make this a Top Spot.

There are different regulations in the United States for both the environment and safety. Oddly enough, the bumpers are not part of a Federal regulation, instead it is a requirement of the insurance companies. The two big lumps of bumper can be removed by the owners but Bugatti has to mount these on the cars when they are shipped to the dealer or directly to the owner. With this being a Factory owned car we now understand why they are still on the car because we believe that owners will start removing these in a heartbeat when they take possession of their cars!

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