Topspot: Gemballa Mistrale

Topspot: Gemballa Mistrale

With its build number limited to just 30 cars, the Gemballa Mistrale will always be a rare commodity. Named after the Mistral, a strong wind that blows over long distances, this superlative sports saloon, based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo, is designed to cover tarmac rapidly while cosseting its four occupants. The decision to adopt bespoke carbon-fibre bodywork gave Gemballa the opportunity to change aspects of the base cars design to a greater than usual extent.

The Mistrale’s side profile takes significant styling cues from the Avalanche, while its rear, featuring four distinctive recessed tail-lights, and prominent diffuser insert with four big, round exhaust outlets, is totally unique. Matching the bold exterior is a plush cabin tailored to each client’s individual requirements. With a totally bespoke choice of materials, a wide palate of hues, and extensive optional equipment on offer, cars come no more exclusive than the Gemballa Mistrale. Each of these hand-built cars is an autograph of its owner’s individuality, and a symbol of the close co-operation forged between Gemballa and its valued clients in the creation of automotive masterpieces.

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