Topspot: offroad with the LaFerrari

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  • 2016-04-24 15:09
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Topspot: offroad with the LaFerrari

Ferrari's finest, that's the LaFerrari. There have been so many articles published about this car that you guys will probably know all the details inside and out. Yet we can't help putting the car on the frontpage over and over again, certainly when this kind of images show up!

JS Photography got a unique chance to capture this LaFerrari in the color Rosso F1 2007 (referring to the year in which Ferrari took the constructor's title and the world championship in Formula 1). What seems? The LaFerrari isn't just a focused hypercar for the streets and the track, it's also an off-roader! Alright, just click on the image below and enjoy the rest of the photoshoot. It's worth it!

Topspot: offroad met de LaFerrari

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