Topspot: Pagani Huayra BC in Munich

Topspot: Pagani Huayra BC in Munich

Yesterday, there was a big party in Munich. No, we are not talking about a party like Oktoberfest, but a party for car fans! And the reason was this amazing Huayra BC! The car was surrounded by many spotters and was, of course, chosen "Spot of the Day" in Germany.

It is the second copy of the Huayra BC that found its way on Autogespot. This one in a different color finish and in my opinion a better choice than the grey copy. The colors, white with black carbon and red stripes, make this Huayra BC even more impressive. The black wheels are the perfect finishing touch. All this combined makes the car look stunning, and it is a real head turner.

The Benny Caiolo is the hardcore version of the Huayra. The AMG engine produces 800 hp, 737 lb⋅ft and reaches 62 mph in 3.3 seconds. These specifications are close to the ones of hyper cars like the LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. And in all honesty, the BC is a more exclusive car, because Pagani built a total of 20 copies. And what is up with that special name, Benny Caiolo? The Italian Caiolo was a well known collector of exclusive cars, and was a good friend of Mr. Pagani. Mr. Caiolo passed in 2010 and in honor of his life, Pagani gave this exclusive car his initials, BC. We can't wait for the other 18 copies to be spotted!

Topspot: Pagani Huayra BC in München

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