Upload rules

Additional rules

Carrera rule: We’ve introduced this rule for the Porsche Carrera (4) S. Because this car is spotted frequently, we decided to judge the quality of the spot more strictly than we do with other spots. If you upload photos of a parked Carrera (4)S, the spot must contain at least 4 unique photos. When the Carrera (4)S is driving, the spot must contain at least 2 unique photos. Cropped or zoomed in photos are not considered as a unique photo. Suppose you have 3 unique photos of a parked Carrera 4(S) and a 4th photo which is a cropped and/or zoomed version of photo 1, the 4th photo won’t be considered as a unique photo. This applies for every Carrera that is spot-worthy!

Continental rule: Same rule as the Carrera rule but this rule is applied to the Bentley Continental GT, Flying Spur and GTC.

License plate: When the owner does not want the registration plate of his car visible on Autogespot, you can upload the spot without the registration plate. A copy of the photo with the license plate visible needs to be send to feedback@autogespot.com! 

Fake: The car you uploaded is a fake car. For example, someone tried to act like he owns an AMG by adding AMG-logos on the car. Frequently this can be seen at the brakediscs etcetera! 

Nurburg rule: It is not allowed to spot in Nurburg during events or to upload spots that are too common in the area. Any other spots will be checked individually. For example, a BMW M3 or Porsche 911 GT3 isn't very rare in Nürburg.

On request owner: The owner mentioned that he/she does not want photos of his/her car on Autogespot. 

Private Property: It is not allowed to photograph a car on private property without permission of the owner! 

Re-upload: Something went wrong while processing your photos. Please upload your photos again.