Visiting the Beach in your Ferrari Enzo.

Visiting the Beach in your Ferrari Enzo.

When you are planning a day on the beach you might expect to get a nice tan, build a sandcastle, swim in the ocean, but how many people expect to see a Ferrari Enzo! I think nobody expects it but Gtrs Supercars was lucky enough to capture this amazing car!

Finding a Ferrari Enzo In the wild is a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. I have been actively spotting for a good 8 years and I have not yet managed to find one. A lot of Enzo’s are investment opportunities to their owners and the investment is best protected in the garage so they don’t see that many daylight. Luckily for us there are also owners who do actually drive these cars and how can you blame them? An outing to the beach might not be the perfect drive for the Enzo but It Is equipped with air-conditioning so it shouldn’t be a problem, clearing speedbumps might just be a problem however this might just give the spotter those precious few seconds to get his or hers pictures!

Gespot: naar het strand in de Ferrari Enzo

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