We take a look at the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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  • 2021-01-04 13:32
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We take a look at the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Are you tired of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale? The car has been delivered to customers several times and is therefore spotted more and more. The standard SF90 Stradale is spotted for the second time in a short time.

What is standard. The SF90 Stradale is not a car to argue with. Before you know it, he has humiliated you. Thanks to Jansolanellas, we have two pictures of the interior to show all of this properly. Both the Passenger Display and the normal display are shown. As a driver, you as a passenger always have the correct information in view. As a passenger, can you also point out to the driver that after 2.5 seconds he is already driving much too fast for the built-up area, for example.

We nemen een kijkje in de Ferrari SF90 StradaleKlik op de foto voor meer foto's van deze spot!

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