What a beast! AMG GT R in Montenegro!

What a beast! AMG GT R in Montenegro!

Spotter "gotti_belgrade" presented us with some great shots of the AMG GT R. The car looks stunning with the mountains as the backdrop and the pictures are breathtaking. The AMG GT has been shaped by its purpose: pure performance in every dimension. The photos highlight the sensuous sculpting, and dramatic proportions are a triumphant concert of aerodynamics, aesthetics and attention to detail.

Virtually every detail of the body benefits from extensive refinement in the wind tunnel. The design of the AMG "A-wing" front apron helps improve airflow to the running gear and brakes while enhancing front-axle downforce. An active rear spoiler extends at varying speeds based on the selected drive mode, to accentuate rear-wheel adhesion. The partial encapsulation of the underbody is also designed to optimize airflow out of the oil coolers and to channel air to the rear diffuser.

And underneath the body we find the legendary AMG GT biturbo V8 heart, that beats even stronger in the GT R. Peak power is up by 74 hp to 577 hp, the result of countless refinements. Modification of the wastegates, combustion chambers and exhaust ports team up with a massive 19.6 psi of boost from its redesigned "hot inside-V" turbos. A lightened flywheel and remapped throttle sharpen response. Yet even with its advanced design and technologies, each AMG engine is still hand-built and signed by its own craftsman. From its bedplate to its chain-driven water pump and innovative materials, the AMG V8 combines light weight with lasting strength. Aluminum screws, zirconium-alloy 4-valve heads, new components precision-crafted from magnesium and advanced composites, and a highly rigid sand-cast block all team up for extreme performance during seconds of elation or years of enjoyment. The result is also a staggering specific output of 145 hp/liter of displacement, among the highest in the industry.

Beestachtige AMG GT R in Montenegro!

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