What Are the Leading Causes of Distracted Driving?

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What Are the Leading Causes of Distracted Driving?

It only takes a few seconds of distraction for you to lose concentration while behind the wheel. There are a lot of distractions both inside and outside the car, which can result in accidents. Among these distractions, there are some which are more common than others.

Mobile phones
Among the top causes of distraction while on the road is using mobile phones to either text, call, or use other features. This has become increasingly common in the recent past, mainly because almost everyone owns a mobile phone. When texting or calling, your concentration will shift from the road and your vehicle's features to the mobile phone and this can cause a distraction.

Personal thoughts
Most people have many personal issues affecting their lives, and these issues can easily cause a distraction while driving. Some people refer to this as daydreaming, where your mind shifts from concentrating on the road and you start thinking about other things. This is mainly common on highways where you might be driving in a monotonous mode for a long distance.

Eating and drinking
A reliable Dallas car accident attorney can tell you that it is not illegal to eat or drink while driving. But it is always advisable to avoid eating or drinking while driving since this will distract you. The distraction is even bigger when you are eating foods that require more concentration. If you must eat or drink while on the road, it is better to park and only get back on the road after you have finished your snack, food, or drink.

Other people in the car
You can also easily lose concentration if you drive alongside a person or people who require your attention. This includes kids who might be crying or other people who are trying to have a conversation. In case you are driving alongside a person who is likely to distract you, ensure you are driving at a low speed where you can easily control the vehicle in case of an emergency.

Pets can also easily cause distractions, especially if they are excited or frightened. Your pet might even jump on your lap or make a surprising sound that will remove your attention from the road. If you must drive alongside your pet, it is advisable to keep the pet calm to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Features of the vehicle
You might also be changing your vehicle's features on the dashboard or other parts of your vehicle while driving. The most common feature that causes distractions is the entertainment system, where you might be trying to change the song. It is advisable to significantly reduce your speed or even stop your car when you need to change your vehicle's certain features.

Some of the causes of distractions are unavoidable, and you might find yourself in an accident no matter how careful you are. If you are involved in an accident resulting from a distracted driver, you should immediately contact a car accident lawyer. The lawyer will help you deal with the legal issues resulting from the accident and obtain the compensation that you legally deserve.

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