When it comes to cars, more is better

When it comes to cars, more is better

Lately Europe has been seeing some amazing days when it comes to the weather. And when the weather is good the supercars come out to play. This trio of Challenge Stradale’s was spotted in the wealthy city of Laren in the Netherlands.

Widely considered the purest modern Ferrari ever build the Challenge Stradale is a true dream to behold. People who have driven one of these or even been lucky enough to be in the passenger seat can confirm. The stones being thrown up at the bottom of the car, the raw noise, the bangs while changing gears, this is the purest form of driving and sadly, it is slowly dying out. 425 horse power moving 1180 kilo’s means you probably wont be the fastest on the track but you might just have the most fun!

After spotting actively for over 8 years I have only been able to spot one of these out on public roads so its pretty crazy to see 3 of them parked side by side. Fun fact I have actually spotted the red striped Challenge Stradale also featured in this spot. Each one of the Ferrari’s in this spot are specced differently, which one do you prefer?

Trio Ferrari Challenge Stradales geeft Laren kleur

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