Why Choose A Mini Cooper: Which Features Make It An Excellent Model

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Why Choose A Mini Cooper: Which Features Make It An Excellent Model

Mini Cooper is an iconic British brick. It came to help with a minor mid-life, although the car does not alter the excellent character for the retro-reborn small hatchback!

Recent models have few changes - increased standard specifications, upgraded infotainment, cosmetic enhancements, among others - that help improves the mini cooper's charm and convenience for a stylish urban runabout.

Why Do You Need A Mini Cooper?

There is a born-again mini Cooper that can be described as a survivor of the retro phase. It is outlasting the likes of other old models such as Chrysler PT Cruiser and Volkswagen.

This model is suitable because it has genuinely recreated and can be used as an icon for urban stylists or a fun car, especially to those who love to drive. Another reason is that this model is from BMW, and can, therefore, offer the luxuries experienced from the German brand. It is easy to get Mini Cooper, and most people prefer it because it has the city's sized hatchback formula with the latest tech, among other features.

What Are The Notable Features?

Mini Cooper, especially with the latest models, has excellent features. The reason to choose this car is because of these notable attractive features:

Hidden Door Locks

The latest model redesign has slickly integrated its power locking buttons by the interior door handle. In most European car models, they use a center-mounted button to lock and unlock the car door. It is easier when built at left and right hand, but the pain is you get out of a car and realize door locks are locked and yet hidden.

Support System

Both old and new mini cooper models are well equipped with sports seats. They can, therefore, provide excellent support. However, there is a slight difference with the latest models because of added lateral support you will experience while tearing a corner. The extendable bottom cushions will also help the long-legged riders. It is considered a significant change in this latest classic model.

Rear Visibility

The strongest point for a mini cooper has always been the rear visibility. The latest model isn't breaking any ground compared to its ancestors that had a rear glass and short windshield.

Most lesser mainstream cars have a backup camera, which seems to be pricier for a cooper. However, the mini cooper does not assume rear visibility completely. It has a slick folding feature on the read head restraints. Therefore, flipping the restraint down shows a significant improvement from a fixed head restrain.

Glowing Red Rings

This is unlike the Microsoft Xbox 360 because it has glowing red rings. It comes installed with a standard toggle ignition switch, and it pulses with a red glow. The ring located around the infotainment screen at the center dash also glows red when you're under sport mode. It also turns green if you drive more, meaning its environmentally conscious. However, Xbox's red ring usually means the death of the unit, but those at mini Cooper allow you to flip the switch to enable you to get the experience of some fun on twisty roads.

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