Why Isn’t My Ferrari Remote Car Key Working?

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Why Isn’t My Ferrari Remote Car Key Working?

When you’re the proud owner of a high-end sports car like a Ferrari, dealing with a remote car fob that’s not working can be frustrating and lead to some anxious moments. Unlike Ferraris of the 90s, modern Ferraris have evolved. Starter keys now come with transponder chips integrated into the plastic key head for remote car locking and unlocking.

Car key remote fobs are a great convenience, but they all stop working eventually. It could be a dead battery or broken contacts inside the key fob. If your Ferrari isn’t responding to the key fob, it’s vital to know the potential problems you could be facing and what to do.

Verify Your Remote Key Fob Is Working
First, figure out if your car key remote is actually the problem. If you have a second backup key fob, check to see whether or not it works. If it effortlessly locks and unlocks your car doors, then there is likely a problem with your main remote. If the backup remote key fob doesn’t work, there could be an electrical or mechanical door lock problem.

You should also confirm that your physical key or emergency valet key can lock and unlock the car. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to consult your local dealership or consult a certified or professional car locksmith to help you solve the problem.

If the Physical Car Key Works, What Next?
If you can lock and unlock your car doors using the physical car key, the locks are mechanically okay. However, an electrical problem may also be causing issues with your remote fob. To rule this out, use the primary control inside the car to lock and unlock all doors. If it works fine, then there’s no electronic problem.

What If I Don’t Have Physical Keys?
Most Ferraris now come with push-button car ignition systems that only operate when you have the key fob close by. While a physical key is still provided, it’s often hidden inside the key fob. Check the key fob for any release switch or button to access it. Some Ferraris may also have a hidden keyhole on the car door behind a trim piece near the door handle with a small slot for the key.

Prying away the trim piece isn’t always the best idea, as it could damage the paint on your car door or handle. If you’re not sure about what to do and there isn’t an emergency that requires immediate access to your car, go ahead and consult a professional locksmith for help.

Check Your Remote Car Key Fob Battery
Most remote key fobs use normal category four button batteries, which are easily available. Verify which battery your Ferrari remote uses by checking your car manual or calling your local dealer. You can also open the remote and inspect the battery to see what type it is. In most cases, it will be a CR2032 or CR2025 battery.

Check the voltage with a multimeter (3 to 3.6 volts is ideal) or just install a new battery. Generally, you should replace your remote key fob batteries every five years. If the remote key fob works well after replacing the battery, you’ve solved your problem. If it hasn’t worked, you could still be having other underlying issues.

Check for Broken Internal Contacts Inside the Key Fob
Key fobs are often exposed to a lot of physical abuse, and that means they can get damaged. Most of the problems arise from damaged buttons and battery terminal contact. Visually inspect your key fob for any broken parts. Broken battery terminals can be soldered back in place. If the buttons are not working properly, remove and clean them, and reassemble the remote. If buttons still fail to work, get a new remote fob.

Ensure Peace of Mind
If none of the solutions here work to solve your problem, you may need to reprogram your car keys. You could also be dealing with a broken or disconnected receiver. For peace of mind, take your car to a professional for an inspection and replace that key fob that keeps frustrating you.

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