Why Parents Should Buy Luxury Cars

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Why Parents Should Buy Luxury Cars

When parents venture out to purchase a new car, they usually consider a safety guide for driving cars, comfortability, convenience, and affordability. Spoiling yourself and living luxurious is very rarely on the checklist when car shopping, but it is something that should be considered.

As a parent, I know what it is like to have mom-guilt, resulting in me putting my child’s needs before my own. However, it is imperative that you, as a parent, take your needs and desires just as seriously as you take your child’s. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so make sure you’re filled up, too.

There are affordable luxury cars available for purchase with features that allow you to check off the things on your list of requirements for a vehicle. So while you’re out shopping for a new car, take some time to look into more luxurious cars.
Not all luxury cars break the bank, and with the right guidance, you can even purchase a low insurance premium for that luxury car.

Luxury Cars as a Form of Self-care
Living luxurious is a form of self-care, but it does not have to be expensive. Check out these tips for buying a used luxury car, so people who want to live luxurious on a budget can do so.

Self-care involves a series of actions that people take for themselves and their families in order to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Although this may not be true for all people, sporting luxurious items can boost a person’s confidence.

Having self-confidence can give a person a more positive view of life, enhancing both their mental and emotional welfare. Someone who has low confidence may consequently think lower of their self-worth and respect.

Feeling as though you are not worthy of respect can lead to you accepting others disrespecting you because you also disrespect yourself. This is why self-care is essential, no matter what actions you consider to be caring for yourself.

Why is self-care essential for everyone in the family?

Many underestimate the power of self-care. However, since self-care encourages people to nurture a healthy relationship with themselves first, they can then spread positivity to others around them. If the parents (who are the head of the family) are not taking care of themselves, there is no way they can adequately take care of others, including their children.

Think of a time when you went an extended amount of time without doing anything for yourself. If you are like most people, then your day-to-day interactions with friends and family may have been irritable at times. This is most likely because you have not taken time to decompress or treat yourself.

Whether you realize it or not, how you treat yourself is precisely how you will treat others.

Buying an affordable luxury car that makes you look rich can also make you feel rich, resulting in you making others feel rich by how you treat them. On the other hand, if you treat yourself poorly by being impatient and unkind, that is how you will be with others.

You Will Learn to be More Self-Compassionate
Generally speaking, people avoid being compassionate to themselves because they fear vulnerability. Individuals are continually critiquing themselves on how they should have been better or done more, and they are very rarely merciful about how hard they worked to get to where they are.

Think about it — you forgive others easily and give to others without reason, but consistently beat yourself down when you make a mistake or will limit what you give to yourself for the sake of being ‘responsible.

Though I am an avid supporter of financial literacy and saving, it is 100 percent okay to buy things for yourself sometimes. So purchasing that luxurious car because you are a hard worker can, in some cases, be self-compassionate.

Ways to Practice Self-Compassion
Yes, buying luxury things is a way to practice self-compassion, but it can also extend to how you treat yourself mentally and emotionally. Being self-compassionate involves being kind and understanding to your own plight when you fail, suffer, or feel inadequate.

The opposite of being self-compassionate is to be harsh, and to speak or think unkind things about yourself because you failed and feel inadequate. Self-compassion and self-care go hand-in-hand, and they are both essential to living healthily.

Here is a list of small ways you can practice self-compassion:

- Start small by saying kind words to yourself when you mess up.
- Bring awareness to your experience without judgment.
- Do not accept the negative thoughts your inner critic says to you. Instead, be curious and look for a more favorable solution to what you are dealing with
- Interrupt moments you reflect on the past by refocusing on the good in the present.
- Remove words like “never,” “cannot,” and “always” from your vocabulary. There is usually an exception to the rule
- Focus on self-compassionate statements like “It is okay for me to buy that luxurious car because I work hard, and it will make me feel better.”
- Remember, you are not alone. If you struggle with being self-compassionate, reach out to friends and family for help with being kind and understanding with yourself. They see the good in you and will be glad to help you see it also.

How to Get Lower Insurance on a Luxury Car

Now that you are convinced about why you should allow yourself to buy a luxury car, you may be wondering how you can afford to insure it. Well, to get lower insurance, you have first to understand what makes luxury cars more expensive to insure.

High-end luxury cars can be more expensive to insure because of repair and maintenance costs. If you are in an accident, it can cost a fortune to repair some luxury cars, and insurance providers know this. So to save money, they charge their customers more.

Other than buying a luxury car that is more inexpensive to repair, here are some other ways you can purchase insurance for your luxury vehicle at a lower price:

- Drive safely and keep a clean driving record
- Take a defensive driving course
- Take advantage of good-driving discounts
- Shop around for insurance providers
- Move closer to your job
- Improve your credit
- Increase your deductible

Being a parent is hard work, and that work should be rewarded. Luxury cars can be affordable to even parents, so be kind to yourself and allow a little indulgence. Being kind to yourself will help you be both a better parent and a better person overall.

Imani Francies writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, USInsuranceAgents.com. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media and specializes in various forms of media marketing.

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