Will the Lotus 3-Eleven come to Goodwood?

Will the Lotus 3-Eleven come to Goodwood?

Only three more weeks before the Goodwood Festival of Speed will take place. For a few manufacturers this is the perfect place to introduce their new models. Lotus brings us the first teaser of what we expect to be the 3-eleven.

The 3-eleven will be a high-performance sports car which will follow up the 2-eleven. We don't know any details yet but the car will probably be powered by a 3.5 liter V6 with supercharger which we know from the Evora S. This engine will produce around 420 hp in the 3-eleven. Combine this with an weight of 800 to 890 kilograms and the result is stunning!

Komt de Lotus 3-Eleven naar Goodwood?

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