Will the Maybach 62 remain the most exclusive luxury sedan?

Will the Maybach 62 remain the most exclusive luxury sedan?

While the automobile industry has unfortunately become more homogenized over time, things were quite different a few years ago. When the Maybach 62 was introduced in 2007, it was truly unique. It represented the pinnacle of German engineering. It surpassed conventional luxury sedans like Rolls-Royce and Bentley. It was the crème de la crème. When the "original" Maybachs were discontinued, Mercedes' sedans began to decline.

One cannot say that today's Mercedes-Maybach S680s are worse than the Maybach 62, but something essential has been lost. The character that defined the earlier Mercedes-Maybach models is simply gone. This is truly a shame. The Maybach 62 and Maybach 57 were packed with the most advanced technology available, combined with German craftsmanship, which I assure you is of the highest quality. This resulted in an exceptionally perfect car. It was particularly popular among the older audience, who enjoyed being chauffeured around. However, it also quickly gained a name in the rap scene and became beloved by the younger audience. It is truly unfortunate that the Maybach program was not continued in the same way. However, there is a positive aspect to the discontinuation of these Maybach models. While Rolls-Royce and Bentley experienced significant depreciation due to their constantly improved successors, it was different with the Maybach. Due to its relatively short production period, there are fewer examples. This makes the Maybach relatively stable or even appreciating in value.

The example here is unusually painted in a single color, a very unobtrusive silver. Also noteworthy is that instead of tinted windows, it has curtains installed, which adds a lot of character to the car. Today, tinted windows are the standard for sedans. Curtains are rarely seen anymore. The car's character is also enhanced by its extraordinary length. The Maybach 62 was a whole 50 cm longer than the 57. This meant you could almost fully stretch out your legs.

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