With the Ferrari Omologata you can park anywhere

With the Ferrari Omologata you can park anywhere

We can thank Cleamsi very much for uploading this unique and one-off Ferrari. On the 25th of september Ferrari released this Omologata and in less then a month the car is spotted. With this Ferrari you can park anywhere you want as we can see.

You don't want to think about someone smashing his door in your one-off Ferrari which was made on request. For the Omologata the customer came to Ferrari with the question if they could build a one-off for him. The project took about two years from scratch till the launch at Fiorano. The car was built for multiple purposes. You can drive the car withouse ease on the streets but also improve track times. The base of this model is the 812 Superfast and therefor the 10th one-off powered by a V12. The only thing that Ferrari took from the 812 body were the headlights. All other parts are commissioned to create an unique car. The car got spotted in Munich and was showing of on the corner of a street. Simply gorgeous!

Met de Ferrari Omologata mag je overal parkerenKlik op de foto voor meer foto's van deze spot!

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