World's most unique Rolls-Royce Phantom is spotted again

World's most unique Rolls-Royce Phantom is spotted again

Marbella is the most decadent destination in the south of Spain. For spotters this is the perfect place to walk around with your camera. With a bit of luck you can spot some amazing supercars in Marbella. Maybe it's even more special to spot the Rolls-Royce Phantom of an English owner. The car was spotted in perfect condition!

This Rolls-Royce is known all over the world after our extensive special of this car. His Phantom is unique thanks to the enormous amount of work and all the personalized details. Never before a Phantom had so many layers of paint. All details of this car are unique. To make the car shine even harder the car recently got a special silicon polish. The paint looks even better now and you won't find any dust on this car. According to the owner, the paint looks just like a mirror. This special treatment makes the unique paint of the Phantom look even better. Whether you like it or not, this one-off is very special!

's Werelds meest unieke Rolls-Royce Phantom weer gespot

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