Yellow Porsche Carrera GT brightens up your day

Yellow Porsche Carrera GT brightens up your day

While more and more European countries are going on lockdown but luckily there are still owners who move and drive their cars. This was also the case in Berlin where a bunch of special Porsches were spotted, this Carrera GT was one of them.

Of course we will start with the brightest of them all, these days we face dark times and we hope that in the summertime this will all be over and we can enjoy all the good that the automotive community has to offer. It is in these times we realize the freedom we take for granted. This 612 BHP strong V10 won’t be seeing much daylight or road time in the foreseeable future, it is also the first time this car has been posted on the website. It is part of quite the special collection and because the owner got a new place to store his collection. You could of course get a closed trailer and move the cars in secret but this owner decided this was the perfect opportunity to share his collection with the public. And he knew exactly where to go on his little detour.

Gele Porsche Carrera GT zorgt tenminste nog voor vrolijkheid

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