• Special: the special bikes and cars at Vision of Speed

    Special: the special bikes and cars at Vision of Speed Last year we brought a visit to one of the most unique car companies in Germany, Vision of Speed. Everything about this company is unique. The location of the supercars, the supercars themselves and everything around them. One of these things are the unique bikes which are build for Vision of Speed. We brought another visit to this company to make some better photos of the cars and their matching bikes. Read more

  • Special: a visit to the Pegasus Group

    Special: a visit to the Pegasus Group Owning a supercar or an exotic car isn’t possible for everybody. Next to that, not everybody wants to ship their cars to their holiday destination. That’s a great reason for renting a sports car or supercar. It’s not only cheaper, there’s also more choice. We visited Pegasus Group in Mönchengladbach to learn more about the concept that makes this company very popular in South of France and Spain. Read more

  • FIFA World Cup 2014: what cars do the players drive

    FIFA World Cup 2014: what cars do the players drive Yesterday, Brazil won the first match in the Arena de São Paulo in São Paulo and this match started the World Cup football 2014. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull were present at the opening ceremony and we hope to see a lot of amazing football in the next few weeks. We love to see some great football. Just like during EURO 2012, we’ve made a special of the spotted cars of professional football players who will play in Brazil. We have a list of almost fifty cars, varying from Audis to Lamborghini, this is the perfect special for car fanatics who love football! Enjoy the World Cup 2014! Read more

  • Gemballa Mistrale and GT are two beauties

    Gemballa Mistrale and GT are two beauties After a hectic period, Gemballa is back on track. The company is back in action and everybody could see that at Top Marques Monaco, last month. They brought an improved Mistrale and the GT is also updated. Next to that, Gemballa has some very ambitious plans and this promises some nice projects this year. Gemballa actually isn’t a tuner but a complete car manufacturer. With up to 25 employees, it isn’t a big company but definitely a company with a lot of passion. Read more

  • Special: driving a Ferrari through Lebanon

    Special: driving a Ferrari through Lebanon The country of Lebanon is full of surprises for car fanatics. It’s possible to see a group of Ferraris driving in Beirut on their way to the mountains. After an interesting interview about Lebanon, the following special shows us more about this group of Ferrari friends who regularly take their cars for a ride through the mountains of Lebanon. Read more

  • Paying a visit to Rennspeed!

    Paying a visit to Rennspeed! There aren't that many people around who turned their passion into their earnings. For him it is something which started at age 21, and now became a full time occupation for Bas. It's not only buying Porsches, Lamborghinis and in the future also Ferraris, but also maintaning, taking care and adoring these cars. In the Dutch town of Loosdrecht we get acquainted with a special company with a expressive name: Rennspeed. Read more

  • Column: what was spotting like twenty years ago?

    Column: what was spotting like twenty years ago? A long, long time ago, when most of today's spotters weren't even born yet, there were a handful of carspotters. It might be fun to hear a veteran tell how different things were back in those days. Think about the technical possibilites, the spotters 20 years ago could only dream about such things! Read more

  • This is Nelson Piquet senior's unique car collection

    This is Nelson Piquet senior's unique car collection Throughout the years, a lot of great drivers competed in the Formula 1. Unfortunately some of these drivers didn't survive the dangerous races in the beginning years of the Formula one. A legend in these crazy years was Nelson Piquet senior. Throughout the years he collected a beautiful selection of supercars which we will highlight in this special. Read more

  • Special: a visit to the Novitec Group

    Special: a visit to the Novitec Group A very loud sound filled the Malostranske Namesti square in Prague, back in 2008. It was the sound of a tuned Ferrari Challenge Stradale. I will always remember this outstanding appearance. With its dark taillights, amazing wheels, modified bodykit and amazing soundtrack. It was the first product by the Novitec Group I ever saw. The Novitec Ferraris are world famous nowadays. What makes this company so successful and what is ‘a Novitec’. It are two of the many questions we fired during our visit to the Novitec Group in Stetten. Read more for a complete report about this amazing company! Read more

  • True legend: the Nürburgring!

    True legend: the Nürburgring! The Nürburgring, a racetrack where you as an car enthusiast must ever heard of. A circuit like no other and named by many as the most challenging track ever built. The track is not known for one particular race, like Monaco, Le Mans or Indianapolis. Yet, it has claimed its status through the years. Read more

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  13. Ferrari 458 Speciale

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  14. Ferrari California T

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