• Pagani Zonda HH parked in good company

    Pagani Zonda HH parked in good company A Pagani Zonda is never your only car. This is especially true when it's a unique edition and when it carries your initials. The owner of this unique Pagani Zonda HH also seems to have a nice house in Spain where there are many more great cars to be found. Would you fill your garage with the same cars? Read more

  • Special: the best made by Porsche at the Nürburgring

    Special: the best made by Porsche at the Nürburgring There are only a few car manufacturers that are as closely connected with racing as Porsche. Since Ferdinand Porsche founded the company Porsche has always been building race cars for the street. They are the ultimate expression of the love for cars and a thrilling driving experience. This year Porsche added two new models to the history of the brand, the Cayman GT4 and the GT3 RS. Two monsters made for racing. Recently our American friends Elizabeth and Andrew travelled to Stuttgart to pick up two of these machines. Next up was a historical trip for the cars to have a drive on the Nordschleife. We went to the Nürburgring to meet up with the enthusiastic owners and to have a go in both amazing cars. Read more

  • Arabs: from London to LA

    Arabs: from London to LA Because the citizens of London made it clear that they are sick of all the arab supercars cruising around the Arab elite had to find a new place to spend their summers. Instead of doing it the Dutch way of getting an All-Inclusive Resort somewhere in Turkey or Spain they decided to go to another sunny place. LA! Beverly Hills is packed with Arab elite who are spending their summer days in Los Angeles. There are especially many Qatari and Saudi plates in the streets of Beverly Hills. Read more

  • Driven: Rolls-Royce Wraith

    Driven: Rolls-Royce Wraith Unmatched, incredible or out of this world. It are all superlatives with which we can start our story. A few days with the Rolls-Royce Wraith almost made everything else look uncomfortable. The most dynamic and sporty Rolls-Royce ever had to prove itself during this weekend in the beautiful landscape of Italy and particularly the surroundings of Lake Como. Read more

  • Special: La Fuente, deejay and big car fanatic

    Special: La Fuente, deejay and big car fanatic Deejays and luxurious cars. It’s kind of hard to find out what these guys are driving because they’re always working at night. The first deejay in this series is La Fuente, a Dutch deejay with the age of 31 with two big passions. Music and cars. Of course we’re mostly interested in the story about cars. Read more

  • Special: Gumball 3000 in the United States

    Special: Gumball 3000 in the United States Our Gumball adventure started at 27 May 2015 at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco where a few supercar owners gathered for the arrival of the Gumball 3000 rally. The participants were expected around seven. At seven, crowds were big and full of enthusiastic kids and of course their parents. Read more

  • Special: Autogespot Alpen Tour 2015

    Special: Autogespot Alpen Tour 2015 Cruising through Germany at high speed, a visit to Bugatti in Molsheim and a ride through beautiful Switzerland. The first overnight Autogespot Tour which took place last month was definitely one not to forget. With a very divergent group of the fastest and most beautiful sports cars and supercars we traveled through central Europe for some great experiences. We will keep the beautiful memories of this adventure. We want to share them with you in this final travel report. Read more

  • A day with the new Shelby Mustang GT350

    A day with the new Shelby Mustang GT350 This past week we met up with the marketing department of Ford for a photo shoot of the 2015/2016 Mustang Shelby GT350. It is an amazing car and the official production will start soon with a limited production of 100 units for the 2015 model year and 36 of the 350GTR model. The limited production will carry the 50th Anniversary badge and will be a hot item once they go on sale. Of the 100 GT350’s 50 will be equipped with the technology package and the other 50 with the racing package. The model we photographed is the pre production model but will not be different than the production GT350. This car is painted in the new color Avalanche Gray and has the Shelby characteristic Mustang racing stripes. Read more

  • Report: a trip through Central Europe in a Mercedes-Benz GLA

    Report: a trip through Central Europe in a Mercedes-Benz GLA The Geneva International Motor Show is always worth a visit. The journey to Switzerland and the tension around all the scoops on the show is just great. This year, Mercedes-Benz and AMG specialist ASV in Veghel, the Netherlands, lent us a beautiful Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4matic for your journey to Switzerland. It gave us the opportunity to drive to Switzerland in all ease and visit cities like Montreux and Gstaad. After the show we headed back to Germany and visited Motorworld Böblingen. Just like the previous years we’ve put together a travel report for you. Read more

  • Special: the limited Bugatti Veyrons

    Special: the limited Bugatti Veyrons La Finale is the name of the very last Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that´s built. Since the start of the production in 2005, several special editions were built in the factory in Molsheim. In the following article we look back at the special editions which are made of the legendary Bugatti. Read more

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