5 Basic Car Repairs and Solutions You Should Know

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5 Basic Car Repairs and Solutions You Should Know

Car repair and maintenance is a large expense that we often exclude in our budgets. Vehicles need regular maintenance and repair as a proactive measure and to fix faults. If you are a car owner looking to know your car better and save yourself some money in the process, you are in the right place. This article discusses some of the most common repairs cars need and how to fix them.

Fixing dents
Tiny dents on your car might not affect its functionality, but they can be unsightly and may sometimes signify further damage waiting to happen. Such damage may result from hail, scratches from sharp objects, minor accidents on the road, and age-induced wear. You need to take swift action whenever you notice such damage, as most of the time it will spread out and set you back a lot more. uDentiFix Dent and Hail Repair, who are paintless dent repair experts in Dallas and Fort Worth, can help fix such repairs and restore your car’s aesthetics.

Changing spark plugs
Due to their role and position in the car, spark plugs are considered to be a sensitive part that only mechanics can handle. However, replacing worn plugs is as easy as removing the plug wire you see at the top, drawing the target spark plug, inserting a replacement in its place, and inserting the wire back.

Changing the car battery
The do-it-yourself replacement procedure for a dead car battery is straightforward. Start by removing the battery cover if there is one. Then disconnect the cables and remove all the screws before gently pulling the battery out of its compartment. Finally, insert the new battery in the vacant space and reconnect the cable clamps.

Tire change
You don’t have to involve a mechanic when replacing a flat tire. It is a simple procedure that involves using a jack stand and a wrench.
The first step is to loosen the tire’s lug nuts with the wrench. Next, lift the vehicle off the ground using the jack stand, and remove the nuts and the tire. Place the spare tire back where the old tire was and wrench the lug nuts on. Upon lowering the car, confirm that the nuts are tight and you’re good to go.

Changing brake pads
Changing your car’s brake pads is as easy as replacing a tire or a battery. Basic steps involve removing the wheel using the above procedure, unscrewing the slider bolts, detaching the worn brake pad, and replacing it with a new one. Next, put the slider bolts back on, but first, confirm if they are still in good shape. Finally, put the wheel back on and use your wrench to tighten the lug nuts.

Knowing how to perform some of these simple fixes can save you from higher costs and ensure your safety on the road. If you are not sure about a procedure or are particularly not dexterous, consider watching a few video tutorials to familiarize yourself with the repairs before trying them out yourself.

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