Spotter dandude999 dv.carphotography
Spotted in London, United Kingdom
Date 2019-05-28 14:45

My first Spot of a Zagato! I was so happy to spot this beauty at the Four Seasons in Mayfair. I heard it was in Knightsbridge earlier on so I ran over from Mayfair and was disappointed to find that it had gone. Then, on the way back, I decided to go via the Four Seasons Hotel and I am so glad I did! I was so excited to see this and - as always when I spot something incredible - was shaking lol! I really wish I could've got back and detail shots and I'm sorry that I don't have any, but the hotel doormen said I couldn't.

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    Sm@rt  -  2019-05-28 at 15:47

    Beautiful spot and a stunning car! Congratulations on being the first one to spot this one on the site.

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    dandude999  -  2019-05-28 at 19:21

    Thank you so much! : D

    I'm so gald I uploaded this in time to get the first spot of it! @Sm@rt

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    HG  -  2019-05-28 at 20:35

    incedible spot very nice Good man

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    hardstyler  -  2019-05-28 at 22:09

    Horrible conditions but still an incredible find!

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    DeAutospotter  -  2019-05-30 at 17:28


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    Stylez  -  2019-05-30 at 19:45

    Those wheels... what a shame.

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    dandude999  -  2019-05-30 at 21:48

    @HG Thank you so much! : D

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    dandude999  -  2019-05-30 at 21:49

    @hardstyler Thank you! : D

    Yes, unfortunately the conditions were not very good but I'm just grateful I was lucky enough to spot this beauty!

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    dandude999  -  2019-05-30 at 21:49

    @DeAutospotter Thank you! ( :

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    dandude999  -  2019-05-30 at 22:02

    @Stylez In my opinion, they are not bad looking, but I can see that they will not be liked by everyone as they certainly stand out.

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    Enzo112  -  2019-06-03 at 00:28

    Amazing find men !! Cool shots !

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    dandude999  -  2019-06-03 at 10:05

    Thank you so much mate! : D


  13. This is not ok

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