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Spotted in Olathe (KS), United States of America
Date 2018-10-18 20:40

Here it is.......the 2019 Camaro SS.....and I'm NOT a FAN! With the low sun, red color and a ton of dust on the car it didn't make spotting that so exciting either ;) Anyway, big changes in the 2019 Camaro (or 2018 Camaro) are the new headlights, taillights, bumpers and a new Turbo 1LE that looks better than the SS. Unless somebody else spots the SS Convertible or the 1LE, I hope to find the first one in a better spec and better conditions.

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    PORTUGAL tleitao25  -  2018-10-18 at 21:01

    But Nice find and photos :D

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    HUNGARY ShaytonSky  -  2018-10-18 at 21:12

    Great spot Steven, so soon! Didn't even know the Camaros are getting a facelift. I think it's not that bad. Also it's funny that despite it being a 'future model' (it's not 2019 yet after all), it is already covered in dust lol. Strange. Nevertheless, awesoem find, good luck on finding the first convertible and 1LE as well! And nice combo with the 'older brother'.

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  2018-10-18 at 21:18

    Don't like the look of it.. However, very early spot! Nice find and i'm looking forward for more spots of it in different specs!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NCspotter  -  2018-10-19 at 00:20

    Saw one of these at work yesterday for the first time (might have been a 1LE, couldn't tell though). I only saw it drive through the parking lot from being a couple of windows, but I think it's a huge step back from the pre-refresh model. I actually thought that was a really good-looking car, at least as SS and ZL1 models.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OPspotters  -  2018-10-19 at 02:46

    @tleitao25 agree, agree, agree :) Thanks!
    @ShaytonSky , yes that how they do it here...2019 models are introduced and sold in 2018...that counts for every brand even European. Thanks for the comments!!!
    @thomcarspotter agreed, but when you look at my 2nd spot, it looks a lot better in blue and black wheels.
    @NCspotter I agree, a step back. Loved the new SS and ZL1, lets see what they have in store for the ZL1. The new Turbo 1LE is not too bad either.

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    GERMANY Damors  -  2018-10-26 at 23:51

    Great find..but damn, those headlights, they look terrible. The 2017 model was amazing, but this one...just strange.

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