Spotter Hoosier_Exotics
Spotted in Bloomington (IN), United States of America
Date 2023-06-02 03:49

Here’s a reupload of this cool bad$$ sharp looking black modded C7 Stingray which I’ve seen around town a few times. I first saw this back in March cruising down Winslow Road near Winslow Plaza strip mall before my Miami trip and then yesterday morning I spotted it at Porto Flats apartments off of Sare Rd where I spotted the white M3 E92 which is my most viewed spot on AG. Man this spec is epic! Intense contrast of the red calipers and stripes and the jet black. Brutal rear windshield modifications as well!


Camera model iPhone 12 Pro
Aperture f/1.6
Shutterspeed 1/2300 sec
Focal length 4.2 mm

Auto details

Topspeed 313 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 3.80 s
Power 455 hp
Torque 460 Nm @ 4600 RPM
Weight 1495 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS autospotter#lenno  - 2023-06-02 at 06:45

    What a beast!

  2. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS JHA  - 2023-06-02 at 07:49

    Nice spot!

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    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2023-06-02 at 09:04


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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  - 2023-06-02 at 09:41

    Looks brutal in this spec! Great find mate!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2023-06-02 at 10:08

    She does look gorgeous in that black dress, John.

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    ITALY Dado_spotter  - 2023-06-02 at 12:47

    Amazing catch mate!

  7. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lambo_Spotter  - 2023-06-02 at 16:33

    Sick find! This C7 looks dope!

  8. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM Joshyboy1236  - 2023-06-02 at 18:59

    Amazing spot!

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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  - 2023-06-02 at 20:52

    Looks insane and stunning tuis C7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    GERMANY BiTurboTV  - 2023-06-02 at 21:48

    The C7 is just 10 times cooler than the C8! Great find, mate!

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    NETHERLANDS carspot0541  - 2023-06-03 at 01:35

    Great spot! Love this spec.

  12. Profile pic
    ITALY Dado_spotter  - 2023-06-03 at 08:26

    Uhhh nice car! Good job mate!

  13. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  - 2023-06-04 at 08:32

    Stunning Corvette. ?

  14. This is not ok

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