Is Wiesmann not going to make it?

Is Wiesmann not going to make it?

Last year it looked al pretty good for Wiesmann. After the sad new about the bankruptcy in August we had some new hope in December. The plan was to start afresh. Last Friday, there was a meeting with the creditors and the trustee. They would come up with a plan to start all over.

Unfortunately, it seems like the plan isn't going to make it. The creditors can't agree with the plan and this seems to end all the plans of Wiesmann. Of course, it's still probably that Wiesmann will find a moneylender but this is only a small chance. It would be a shame to see this small car manufacturer go bankrupt, we really love the Wiesmanns, we hope it all turns out good.

Einde van Wiesmann komt toch in zicht?

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