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Spotted in Midhurst, United Kingdom
Date 2012-07-02 20:50

Spotted this insane Koenigsegg CCR Evolution. Took some photos and waited for it to leave, then managed to see it go through the longest tunnel in UK, Hindhead!

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      NETHERLANDS 4wheels4fun  -  2012-07-02 at 21:04

      The combination of the great pictures and film makes this one of the best spots of today

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      NETHERLANDS ToTo  -  2012-07-02 at 21:33


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      NETHERLANDS basjee  -  2012-07-02 at 22:02

      love it

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      NETHERLANDS Style  -  2012-07-02 at 23:24

      great! Has it been sold?

      Is for sale at Supervettura.

      Was also at this weekends' Goodwood Festival of Speed

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      Mvd.Spotter  -  2012-07-03 at 10:45

      Nice video and spot man!

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      SWITZERLAND AutoPursuit  -  2012-11-10 at 19:29

      On the front Page of the Supercar Kids Issue.

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      BELGIUM sNtial  -  2013-01-15 at 11:10

      same licence plate as this Pagani Zonda C12-F Roadster

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      NETHERLANDS lyon1845  -  2013-09-03 at 23:32

      One of the cars in fast 6...

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      BELGIUM Freakkkk  -  2013-10-27 at 21:29

      crazy machine!

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      UNITED KINGDOM laskos02  -  2014-06-04 at 23:14

      Where is that in Aberaeron? Cant find it on Google

    11. This is not ok

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